My name is Ma. Estela Vázquez-Barrios, I’m Chemicopharmacobiologist, I have a master’s degree in Food Science and Technology and a Ph in food sciences. I am a full-time category VII professor at the Faculty of Chemistry; and member of the research group “Emerging Technologies to promote Food Security” at the Autonomous University of Querétaro (UAQ). I am an active reviewer of scientific articles in the journal Horticulturae. I’m professor from 1999 – 2013 at ITESM and from 1998 to date at UAQ where she also conducted research in the Food Science and Technology Program at the Faculty of Chemistry from 2013 to date. The main line of work deals with the application of technologies for the use of horticultural products. I have trained human resources at the undergraduate level (8), postgraduate (3 master’s) and I participate and advise doctoral projects (6). The results of the investigations have been presented at national and international conferences and I am the author (5), co-author (15) of articles published in national and international journals. I have agreements with food companies for advice and development of new products based on agro-industrial waste, for its use (new uses), contributing to the reduction of post-harvest losses of fruits and vegetables to obtain value-added ingredients.
I have collaboration with the University of Almeria; with the Food Science Research Institute in Spain and with the Application of technologies for the processing of garlic bulbs (onion bulbs, black garlic).