Dr. Chyer Kim is an Assistant Professor of Food Safety and Microbiology Program at the Agricultural Research Station of Virginia State University. He earned his Master’s Degree and Ph.D. from the University of Georgia in Food Science and Technology with a concentration in Food Safety and Microbiology. Dr. Kim has worked as a researcher and teacher in various capacities at the University of Georgia (UGA), North Carolina A&T State University (NCAT), and Virginia State University (VSU). His research has three focus areas: 1) food safety and quality in conjunction with the effective use of technologies to limit deleterious microbiological and nutritional impacts on food products, 2) assessment of antimicrobial resistance in bacteria acquired from food samples, and 3) subtyping microorganisms utilizing cutting-edge methods such as ELISA, API and PFGE.
He has published 38 articles in peer-reviewed journals and made numerous presentations at local and international conferences. He has taught several courses including Food Preservation and Food Safety and Sanitation, and has worked with many undergraduate and graduate students as well as collaborators at regional, national, and international levels. He can be reached at ckim@vsu.edu and/or 804-524-6715.