Traditional processing methods drying, concentrating, heating cooking, baking, frying cooling, use of additives preservatives, acidification, fermentation. Improved traditional methods of processing include the application of increased temperatures sterilization, pasteurization, the application of low temperature cooling, freezing, aseptic packaging, controlled atmosphere, freeze-drying, microfiltration and membrane processes. One of the traditional methods of preserving process of fruits and vegetables is a thermal treatment, which involves the use of heat, the increased temperatures. Heat treatment is carried out by methods of sterilization, pasteurization and blanching, thus hermetically sealed packaging is used usually made of metal, glass or plastic. Fruits, vegetables and their products represent a significant segment of the human diet, as they create the preconditions of proper nutrition. From a global point of view fruits and vegetables are present in the human diet all over the world, but it is also interesting that the relatively large producers of fruits and vegetables are developing countries.