Most of food packaging is mainly petroleum based, trhough plastic precisely. These plastics bring many benefits such as protection, transportation and increasing the shelf life of food. Thus, plastic gained popularity over the years increasing its production and becoming the standard for food packaging. However, there are increasing concerns about its usage and the disposal due to the accumulation in natural habits.This lecture will discus the production of biodegradable food packaging using the same technologies as for plastic packaging, particularly we will discuss blown extrusion. It will contrast the laboratory production (casting technique) vs. extrusion and offer a comparison from a point of view of mechanical properties of the packaging. As applications, it will focus on fruit and vegetables.


Alejandro Marzano-Barreda is a Professor of Food Technology and Food Packaging Design in Faculty of Food Engineering at Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola (Peru). Prior to joining the Food Engineering Faculty, Marzano-Barreda serve for 6 years as Senior R&D Specialist specialist in different fields in the agro-industrial sector such as meat, fruits a vegetable processing in Peru and Central America.
Marzano-Barreda is graduate of Zamorano University (B.Sc.Food Science and Technology, Honduras, 2013) and of Londrina State University (M.Sc. in Food Science, Brazil, 2018) where he has part of the Polibiotec research group. Marzano-Barreda is author of journal articles in the field of biodegradable packaging and active packaging.