The worldwide concerns and heightened sensitivity to the emerging drug- resistant superbugs have energized scientists to search for new alternatives for in-feed antibiotic growth promotor. Powered by consumer demand for natural products and due to their beneficial effects on growth performances, phytogenics became very popular and favorable alternatives. Yet, their mode of action was not fully defined. Here, we showed that supplementation of phytogenics in water or in feed improves
feed efficiency in broilers and modulates hypothalamic and peripheral metabolic pathways (reduction of hepatic fatty acid synthesis, mobilization of fat store, and enhancement of muscle protein synthesis), which might explain, at least partly, their effect on feed efficiency improvement in broilers.

Sami Dridi, Professor of Molecular Genetics in the CEPS at the University of Arkansas, United States, is one of the pioneer researchers who investigates the molecular mechanisms of heat stress responses and metabolic disorders in poultry for subsequent development of nutritional mechanism-based strategies to improve poultry production sustainability and to feed the future. He received his M.S., Ph.D., and HDR in France. He served as a quality inspector in poultry industry, and he joined several international labs as postdoc/PI such as UNC Chapel Hill, UK, WVU, KUL Belgium, ENITAB and ENVN France.