Mangoes comes in different sizes and consumer are often favour those with bigger,
fleshy mango. Many genes are plays an important role in determining the growth, final size
and shapes of the mango. To further understand the roles of genes that play roles in fruit
development, a de novo transcriptomic analysis was performed at two stages of fruit
development; immature and ripening stage, using Illumina HiSeq 4000 platform with 30x
sequencing coverage. A total of approximately 128 Gb of clean nucleotides was obtained
from 130 Gb of raw nucletides sequenced from four fruit mesocarp of both time points. The
raw and clean data were deposited into National Center for Biotechnology Information
(NCBI) Sequence Read Archive (SRA) database with accession number PRJNA803945.


Siti is a senior lecturer in one of the top universities in Malaysia. She received her Bachelor
Degree (Honors) in Biotechnology from Malaysia top university; Universiti of Malaya and
pursued her Master Degree in Plant Biotechnology in National University of Malaysia. She
had then awarded a scholarship by Malaysia Ministry of Education to pursue her Doctorate in
Biological Sciences in University of Auckland, New Zealand, which her research was
focusing on apple fruit development studies involving tissue culture and gene expression
studies. After her graduation, she has been appointed as Senior Lecturer in UiTM. Apart from
teaching and supervising undergraduates and postgraduates, she is also actively involved in
research, reviewing research articles, had been invited to review a science encyclopedia by
Elsevier Inc., writing a reference book for undergraduate students, writing book chapters,
journals and review articles. She had as well won medals in several teaching innovations
competitions. Most of her publications are accepted in high impact journals where they were
indexed in Web of Science (WoS) and Scopus. Her interest in research has been increasingly
developed when she won and led a Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) project
with her team; a competitive research grant award by Malaysian Government. She had also
awarded as Professional Technologist from Malaysian Board of Technologist (MBOT). She
is very keen and continuously looking forward to create international research network with
other researchers worldwide.