Foodborne diseases interfere with the socio-economic development of society, burdening the health system and damaging the national economy, tourism and trade. The globalization of food production and trade makes the food chain longer, complicating investigations into diseases caused by food poisoning by delaying the possibility of emergency intervention at the site of the problem. The health safety of food, its nutritional value and food safety are inextricably linked. That is important for the advisory and coordinating role of public health institutions in the implementation of health assessments of human health hazards.
Laboratory for preparation of microbiological media (MM) occupies an important role in quality assurance of microbiological results in bacteriological diagnosis. The laboratory is qualified according to the requirements of ISO/IEC 17025 and maintaining the status of accredited laboratory requires continuous care for the qualifications of laboratory and the quality of work performed. Some requirements are: the process of systematically kept records documents, the technical competence of laboratories, the accuracy and reliability of microbiological test results. All this is to ensure quality services in microbiology with parasitology, there by increasing productivity of bacteriological tests and thus the whole system of microbial activity.
It is important for each laboratory to ensure the quality of the results of the measurements, which are carried out using the quality management system. The implementation of risk analysis and activity plan in routine work provides an indicator of the justification of investments in occupational safety measures, ie in preventive and / or corrective measures, all in order to reduce the risk to an acceptable measure.


Anita Rakic has completed Ph.D. of Chemical Engineering in Environmental Protection, and passed all the required examinations with excellent achievements of Faculty of Chemistry and Technology of the University of Split. Also, she takes part in scientific meetings, symposiums and workshops which are hers scientific interest. Her scientific interest is the field of microbiological media and sterilisation.