Recent researches suggest that there is a relationship between the pathogenesis of depression and serum Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) levels. Therefore, the purpose of this clinical trial was to determine effect of magnesium supplementation on serum Level of BDNF, magnesium and depression status in patients with depression.

A double blind randomized clinical trial was conducted on 46 depressed subjects. The participants were randomly allocated into the magnesium (MG) and the placebo (PG) group and received 500 mg magnesium and placebo daily for 8 weeks. Beck’s test was conducted and blood samples were taken at baseline and after the intervention period for analysis of serum magnesium and BDNF.

No significant differences were observed in assessed variables between the two groups at the baseline. At the end of intervention, supplementation with magnesium oxide had a significant effect on Beck’s test (P = 0.01) and serum magnesium (P = 0.001), but had no significant effect on BDNF levels (P = 0.507) between the two groups.

Daily intake of 500 mg magnesium oxide for at least 8 weeks improved Beck’s test score and serum magnesium in depressed patients, but had no significant effect on BDNF levels between the two groups, Which Further research is recommended.
Keywords: BDNF; Beck’s test; Brain derived neurotrophic factor; Depression; Magnesium; Randomized clinical trial.


This is Dr. Mansour Shahraki (Ph.D), Professor of Nutrition. I am an academic member at Department of Nutrition and the member of “Children and Adolescents , Health Research Center, Research Institute of Cellular and Molecular Science in Infectious Disease’, Medical Faculty, Zahedan University of Medical Sciences , Zahedan, Iran. I am also the membership of the committee “Iranian Nutrition Scientific Board (Boardman)” & the membership of Iranian Nutrition Society (ATA).